Own facilites

Coil Shearing Machine

N.C LEVELLER FEEDER Series is coil cutting equipment that can directly cut the coil according to the standard of manufactured product and equipped with a uniform system from the cutting of coil to the manufacture of product. It can cut down the cost and reduce the material loss by direct production as well as prevent scratch that can be created from the process of transporting the product and the production by customer's order can also be accomplished promptly.

Automatic Shaper

This is an equipment that shapes the severed side so that workers are not harmed by the side that has been cut before processing served pieces. This is an equipment that can also ensure the promptness of operation and safety of the product by shaping both sides at the same time as "ㄱ" shape.

C.N.C Puncher

Because the AMADA Vopros serial has abundant and various punching softwares used in manufacturing punching products within the controlling device, the required number can always be input, output and stored because the programmed sketch is shown on the screen by the data which has been input at the control device. Because the tools for Punching, Nibbling, Forming and Slitting are managed automatically at the control device, this is a state of art and all purpose punching device in which any forms of punch are possible as an equipment contributing in cost reduction and high quality improvement because there are no errors or changes in preparation time or jig tools.

N.C Bending Machine

This N.C Bending machine can be operated easily, input simple programs as a touch panel and is an up-to-date product where the manufacture of complex products and the large amounts can be processed with precision because the back gauge can be moved forward and backward, left and right, up and down. The outstanding balance without vibration has been materialized using the center roller guide method as a central pressure applying method. This is a bending machine that has embodied an exceptional operation ability by simply cotrolling various strokes to fit the operation.

Automatic Bending Machine

The Salvagnini P4 equipment which is an automatic bending system has officially started operating in the line along with completing the setup by introduction of automatic panel production system in 2004. The Salvagnini equipment is a state of art equipment which is synonymous with innovative sheet metal technology in the sheet metal processing technology, especially in the field of bending. Our company has prepared a basis for producing more stylish and unique products in mass quantities through Salvagnini.

Robot Welding

The robot welder which has been imported for the mass production and cost reduction of sinks products has established a system that can be equipped with an ability to produce more and the excellence in products with continuous operation by changing from direct welding by the worker that are necessary for production of sinks water container to welding assistance, welding supervision and frequent maintenance (TPM) activity. As an equipment that has been designed so that the welding operation can be done more quickly and conveniently, this machine can be applied to various operations such as various forms of welding and grinding.

Robot Molding

In addition to the Robot Welder, the robot grinding device has established a system that can even accomplish molding as well as the welding that is necessary for the production of sinks water container and can be applied to various operations such as many forms of grinding work because it has been designed so that the grinding can be done more quickly and conveniently. This is an equipment that can perform continuous and repeated operation by exchanging the expendable supplies using the program input depending on the operation. The mass production system of sinks product has been established as well as the improvement of worker's conditions by producing with robots so that the musculoskeletal system disorder created from repeated operation can be eliminated.